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Repeaterbook Broadcastify

K-Link is open to all amateur radio operators. If you're not already a licensed ham and would like to get in on the fun of using the original world-wide social network, here are some resources to help you get your license:

License Volunteer Examiners: Central Kansas Amateur Radio Club (Salina Kansas) Read their helpful .pdf guide by clicking here.
ARRL's "Getting Started" information packet.
QRZ.com online practice exams.

New! Attention! The Salina 442.200+ repeater now requires PL tone 162.2 for access. It also encodes 162.2 for your quiet listening pleasure. Be sure to program your radios now!

New! Join us for K-Link Network Lunch on June 7 at 11am - Coyote Canyon, Salina KS. If you plan to attend please RSVP.

New! "Women in Radio" YL net coming up Friday May 2nd at 19:00 local!

New! Attention all Minneapolis 442.500 users: Be sure to program your analog radios with CTCSS squelch. We are testing a Yaesu mixed-mode digital repeater and you will want to use CTCSS to avoid hearing the digital stream on your analog radios. If you have a FT-1DR or FTM-400D radio feel free to use this repeater in analog or digital mode.

New! The new El Dorado 443.100+ (162.2) repeater is intalled and operational. It features and pretty good coverage area in and around Butler County, IRLP and an internet audio feed.


ATTENTION ALL K-LINK REPEATER USERS:  Please review the Guidelines.  Updated 12/15/2013.

READ THIS if you use a Yaesu mobile or HT. How to disable the WIRES feature that you inadvertantly activated (and people miss the first three seconds of all of your transmissions).

K-Link Repeater Business Cards are here! Print these on business card paper. Be sure to set print option to "Actual Size" or Scaling = None so they fit properly. Updated 12/15/2013.

What to do if somebody has a stuck mic PTT or is jamming the repeater.

Repeater Status: Hoisington is back up to full power. Be sure to give it a try. The PL tone is still 88.5.


Established:  August 16, 1998
Last Update:  April 20, 2014